THL Geeks - Looking Hijab Lab Fab!

"Your Hijabs are amazing.  Got positive feedback from both my daughter and wife.  My wife says 'It's a Hijab made by someone from this generation' She also said she loves the ability to put on her headphones easily.  My other daughter who wears glasses said something similar for glasses.  Overall, amazing product!" 
- Ali Ardekani (AKA Baba Ali) HOD, Comedian & THL Geek
"I really love my THL Hijabs!!! Just waiting for the gray, white and taupe to arrive on tomorrow, Insha'Allah. Now, Hubby doesn't have to wait while I run back in the house for more pins whenever we go out"
-Pamela, THL Geek
“I received my hijabs yesterday in every color, love them all! Truly impressed with the quality, exceeded my expectations on every level. So impressed that I was flaunting my hijab to all my friends at our gathering last night. :D”  
- Zainab Tabassum, THL Geek from New Jersey
"I'm so excited to finally have a hijab that is stethoscope-friendly! Thank you- I love it and can't wait to experiment with different styles."
- Samima, THL Geek
"This is like a hijab from the future!"
- Juvileth, Student and THL Geek
"I love the ear ports...This is so comfortable I keep forgetting to take it off when I get home. It's so quick to put it on but it still has the style I want."
-Ayesha, Model & THL Geek
"Salam alaikum my hijab came today i love it! I wore it out. It was in the 70s today and I didn't feel hot. Love the ear ports for my glasses. Seems to be pretty baby proof, my little girl was tugging on it and it stayed in place, yay no pins stabbing me in the head!"
-Kyela, Awesome Mother and THL Geek
"I just wanted to say thank you. I'm a muslim revert and this has made wearing the hijab so much easier for me."
- Elizabeth Thrall, Third Grade Teacher & THL Geek
"Thank you! Finally a hijab that's comfortable with my glasses!! This is going to be perfect for work. I'm super excited to not have to get up 20 minutes earlier just to put my hijab on!"
-Niki Hultman, THL Geek
" I am very impressed by the quality and neat stitching of the hijabs.  The material has a subtle shine to it which makes it versatile enough to be sued casually or more formally.  And I love how the hijab drapes in the front to provide proper coverage."
-Sumaira Toor, THL Geek