Our Story

The Hijab Lab is an innovative Hijab design company based in New York City. Our main goal is to provide new and improved Hijab designs that  address the various needs of Muslim women everywhere. Since Hijab is typically worn on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time our focus is on ultimate comfort, convenience, and functionality. 
The Hijab Lab was founded in 2015 by Matab Brahimi (seen on the bottom with the first prototype). 

It all started with a quest to find comfortable pin-free Hijabs that did not compromise style. Unfortunately the majority one-size fits all pin-free Hijabs on the market come pre-fit. The Hijab Lab started with a vision to create a pin-free Hijab that can be adjusted by the wearer as well as styled in different ways.  It took us 1 year and hundreds of prototypes later to finally design the ultimate Hijab. Our Convertible Wrap Hijab is pin-free, can be styled 20 different ways, and sports and Ear Port for glasses, sunglasses, headphones, and even Stethoscopes!

In reality The Hijab Lab was a community effort. So many hands went into making this design company what it is today. After one year of design work and hundreds of prototypes The Hijab Lab launched it's first crowdfunding campaign for the Convertible Wrap Hijab on Kickstarter. On October 24th, 2016 we were fully funded! After a successful first production we are officially in business!

The Hijab Lab team is in full gear.  We have a lot more designs that have not yet been released so sign up and stay tuned for our future projects and designs!



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